Greusz du jour

“For all the ways in which Latin America, as its intellectuals have pointed out for years, has suffered as the local testingground of U.S. experiments with extranational power, its role in the past and future shaping of U.S. identity narratives remains disturbingly understudied and undertheorized.” Axé.

La souffrance

The weekend was curative – I was exhausted/at the end of my rope – and realized how deep the usual pain actually is – and am now back here suffering. It really makes me wonder about lots of things but in particular about how to turn off the suffering factor in the immediate term. The … More La souffrance

Research today

I read Spillers and realized that her discussion of Caliban fits with what I want to say about Cecilia Valdés and plaçage. So that realization is a solid advance in terms research. I cannot find my copy of Spiller’s book, our library does not have it, and it is very expensive now. They have it … More Research today

Lee E.

So at ACLA I walked up to this presenter and asked if his paper were coming out anytime soon, so I could cite it. It was Lee E., although I had no idea who it was at the time since I had not read the program closely. The paper is not coming out anytime soon … More Lee E.


Here are some really cool things to read. On Emilia Vásquez. On flowers in the desert. Gardens based on palm trees. Certain palms are better than others in Louisiana. The new Chinese restaurant that is said to be as in China. Our neighbor on the radio. University of Kyiv Law School. Being an ally to … More Magazine


Если Ваши действия никто не замечает не расстраивайтесь. Когда Солнце всходит, большинство людей вообще спит. Axé.