Nouvel an

Vicente Huidobro has New Year poems in both Spanish and French. I cannot find them now, however. Still, we can look at some very nice poems and theoretical texts at the Huidobro site hosted by the Universidad de Chile.

It is sunny today, and it could be sunny tomorrow, too. This bodes well for the year in which I will be in serious training for the Aconcagua climb. Everyone already knows I am going to sleep a lot this year, drink a lot of water, reduce my consumption of dead animals, increase my stock in tofu, green tea, miso, and vegetables, go to yoga more regularly, and climb a lot of stairs.

Also at the mundane level, I have decided to rehire my cleaning service, cut some time ago as an economy measure. But time not spent cleaning the house is time spent improving the garden and reorganizing files. This time, I need.

More fundamentally, however, I am going to emulate Moksha and stop apologizing for having agency. I am going to pay attention to what the Free Slave says about disentangling oneself from paradigms. I am going to visualize myself standing at the center of my own life and slightly above everything. As I did before Reeducation, I am going to simply deal.

In Reeducation, I learned that simply dealing was a form of denial (not feeling enough stress), a form of impulsiveness (being able to make a lucid decision and stick to it), and a form of coldness (being able to relax and maintain objectivity). I have since divined that Reeducation was not about increasing personal power and freedom, but about conformity. In particular, it was about conformity to regressive standards of femininity.

Trying to stand aside from oneself, trying to understand alien conceptions of how one should be, trying to defer to regressive and nonsensical standards, makes life very complicated. Things are much simpler if one remains blissfully apart from such paradigms.

Originally, I did not imagine that it was oppressive to be competent. That is something I learned in Reeducation. Having seriously considered the matter, I have decided that my original position was correct.


6 thoughts on “Nouvel an

  1. That reeducation sounds similar to what a VA counselor was telling the mother of the boy who I fostered. He (a clue here eh? LOL) was telling her that she need to get back in touch with her Alpha Wolf Female or some crap. In other words she was not being/acting pretty enough/feminine enough, etc. That the army had taken that away. When in reality, at least the reality that I notice it was that feminity, not the assertion of it, that got her in the most trouble in the Army because she was forever playing the delicate damsel in distress, someone I knew she was not, nor had to be.

  2. Moksha — Yes, that VA counselor is steeped in what Nezua calls “Paradigm.” I wish I’d realized that was all it was when I first encountered it! And it is true what you say about femininity.

    The reason I actually read what you write is that it is truly instructive.

    Everyone — It is New Year’s Eve! I can hear the rockets going off, literally, in all the streets around!

    I am looking at the sky. The last time I did so I was in the southern hemisphere, where Orion stands out as it does here, but on the other side of the sky (or maybe not–maybe not on the other side, since it rises and sets in both hemispheres, but just differently placed in relation to other stars). More stars are visible in the southern hemisphere from here: it is as though the Milky Way were all around us.

  3. “I’m going to visualize myself
    standing at the center of my own life
    and slightly above everything.”

    A great poem. And one that will be my mantra in this new year. Here’s to true friends–old and new–who help to give us a clearer vision of what we want to be and the opportunity to believe once more in community! Happy new year!

    Wow – it does make a poem! Yes, a toast, and happy new year! –Z

  4. I suspect that part of ‘the problem’ for the majority of people is a failure to distinguish between the ‘simple’ and the ‘easy’. Most folk, in my experience (myself included at times) take the easy option, simply because we are lazy. The easy option is not always the best and is often/usually the worst. The simple option is that which is most evident and the best but which usually entails a degree of discomfort.

  5. Just hiding here in an old post. I cannot answer you at wordpress because for some reason I cannot sign in.

    I did not lose any files. It was very easy and pain free. I did have that one problem when it took out all the line spaces between paragraphs, but that was easy to fix.

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