More Afro-Pessimism

The words about slavery — negro, mulato, zambo, and more come from Spain. The idea of race and racial discrimination came from there too, starting with religion, Jewishness as a race. The Portuguese brought slaves to Spain in the early 15th century and slaves were brought to the Americas early on; the Iberians may have … More More Afro-Pessimism


“What is essential is neither the interpersonal nor institutional orientation toward blackness, but the fact that blackness is the essence of that which orients. Put differently, the coherence of reality (be it institutional or interpersonal coherence) is secured by anxiety over both the idea and the presence of blacks. The black, to paraphrase Frantz Fanon … More Afro-pessimism

Estoy enojada

Mail not sent I Dices: “No tengo prisa ni ganas de publicar el libro, tal como lo tienes, porque no es mejor que [mi último libro].” ¿Por qué, entonces, pediste la revisión de tu traducción, para una editorial? ¿Sobre todo si estabas todavía escribiendo el libro, añadiéndole cosas? Mail not sent II Un aspecto extraño … More Estoy enojada

On Foucault

I must remember my lunchtime insight on Foucault, and write about it. His message is that you have lost, and you can analyze this but resistance is futile. I thought it as a freshman, reading him in the French Library as person upon person renounced militancy, and I am thinking it again. The other point … More On Foucault

Point Reyes Farmstead

It is too expensive and self-indulgent for me to buy as a grocery, but the Point Reyes Farmstead needs support during COVID and is very good. I’m interested in the Quinta cheese and I am thinking of it for a birthday present in March. Axé.

Les livres

Is Liddell’s Constantinople and Istanbul insufferably Orientalist? Why do both he and Pamuk say Istanbul is so mournful? It doesn’t seem so to me, although I have not seen it, and I wonder what Said would think. This Nation book review indicates that in After Said I should read Lauren Goodlad’s piece on worlding 19th … More Les livres