Jirón Camaná

The Archbishop of Lima and his conservative wing of the Church are attempting to intervene in academic affairs at the Catholic University of Peru, which maintains the Riva-Agüero archives.

Casa Riva Aguero

Casa Riva-Agüero | Jirón Camaná 459 | Lima – PERU
Photo Daniel Duguay

Peru21 has an editorial about this. There are elements of the backstory, which involves in part the ownership of the archives, in El Comercio, Caretas, and 24 Horas Libre. The University has issued a statement on the matter, in which it defends its right to autonomy and to its property, namely, the papers willed to it by Riva-Agüero.

Salomón Lerner, Rector of the PUC-P until his recent retirement, was also President of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission which investigated the atrocities committed in the country’s dirty war against the Shining Path. Juan Luis Cipriani, then Archbishop of Ayacucho, now Archbishop of Lima, and always an Opus Dei member, said famously that “human rights [were] bollocks.”

As a graduate student I did some research at the Riva-Agüero Institute, a lovely old house with a beautiful library. The first article I ever published was written there, and I came up with my dissertation concept there. I really liked the faculty of the Catholic University of Peru, and of the UNMSM. I have so many notes from that research trip that I have not yet used them all – although I will, in the end.

I am using some of them for the writing project I started today. I am having a good time. Life is very easy if you claim your true nature, I always notice. In honor of this we will now contemplate the balcony of the Casa del Oidor, on the Plaza de Armas in Lima, in another beautiful photograph by Daniel Duguay.

Casa del oidor

Also today I told one of my older colleagues, a Minnesotan, that I had just been in The Cities. “How marvelous, a symposium on Bob Dylan! When I was an undergraduate my friend had a coffeehouse called the Ten O’Clock Scholar. He always insisted I come when Bob Zimmerman was playing!”

On the street I saw many billboards and bumper stickers. If it is “a child, not a choice” then why is the denial of support for said child justified with “it was your choice to have this child?”


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