Terça Insana – Vovó Arlinda

My youngest brother insists once again that we contemplate standup comedy from Brazil – in drag! This character is called Granny Arlinda. If you like her, or even if you do not, you should get wilder yet and meet Miss Edith.

The São Paulo press is talking about Terça Insana, which has created over 500 original characters to satirize life in the city and its environs, its inhabitants and their quirks.

It is difficult to live in Brazil, but more difficult, perhaps, to live in Bangladesh. Our featured post for today is Tasneem Khalil’s, on events in Modhupur. It is very important. Read it.


4 thoughts on “Terça Insana – Vovó Arlinda

  1. Oh, is this a man? lol! So, this is more Flip Wilson’s Geraldine or Ricky Smiley’s Grandma character. I wish I could understand the language. 😦

  2. ah yes brasil…i spent 3 weeks there in 2000 and i’m sure not much has changed…they have rich and they have poor and not many people in between — kind-of like what they’re making the states into…

    and i traveled between states — and in brasil there are armed checkpoints you need to visit…humm, kind-of like what the states implemented after 9/11

    sigh…but thanks for the link on Modhupur

  3. Hey AZ, yes – this is my impression of Brazil also, it is what we are trying to turn the U.S. into, meaning, we are getting more and more internal colonialism in the U.S.

    Bess, yes, it’s a man! Granny is discussing her adventures going by crosstown bus to pick up her social security check. Her son, a lawyer, has moved back in with her post divorce, and is eating her out of house and home. What is funny about this is the accent and the delivery – it would take a whole lot of explaining (besides just translating) because it is so very paulista … I do wish someone would write a book about this, though, it would be a great project!

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