Lima: un vals y un recuerdo

It is getting cold in Louisiana, like Lima in winter. There, of course, it is spring, and summer will soon be coming in. And it is the weekend, so we will sing from the memories we wish we had of Lima in the 1940s, with “a waltz and a memory.”

Strangely, the Lima I first knew, of the late 70s and early 80s, seems closer to the Lima of the 40s than does present day Lima. I suppose it is not surprising, since it was almost thirty years ago I first spent time there.


4 thoughts on “Lima: un vals y un recuerdo

  1. Yes – apparently that’s part of the definition of nostalgia, it is precisely for places one has never known (exactly).

    It seems that many Latin American cities were still wonderful and fascinating in the forties. Mexico, Salvador, Rio…

  2. OMG what a fascinating idea, I will never get the shed repaired if I start seriously googling this. However I have started and look at this sad and perhaps exploitative but very interesting video, the first that came up:

    (SF streetwalkers of the 40s, photos by SFPD).

    Note: I was at the convenience store late at night the other day and it was full of a gang of streetwalkers. My God, they were tough. Some had black eyes like the ones in this video. And they were very concerned to make sure I felt safe and comfortable with them around.

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