4 thoughts on “Boycott

  1. What I said on e-mail to someone who asked how to organize a boycott:

    “I think you tell everyone and also tell BP what you are doing and why. Make signs and stickers and distribute them. Go viral on it via social media. Write the papers. Hold a press conference on tv. Keep on encouraging everyone and reminding them. Make sure everyone knows who BPs partners and subsidiaries are, so as to cover them too. Picket these places so that people will remember not to go, and so more people will learn about the boycott that way. Have a boycott song and get it sung on the radio every hour. Have fundraising parties to buy tv spots and billboards. Make boycott outfits for babies and sell them at flea markets. Fly boycott flags. Wear boycott armbands. Create additional boycott paraphernalia but generally, keep on advertising, keep on picketing, talk to all environmental groups worldwide, see if Greenpeace will come in on it, see if there might be whole countries that would.”

    Then I started to wonder what the best way would be to organize a boycott in one town. There should be boycott signup tables in front of every grocery store but would the stores allow that these days? I mean, we picketed Safeway for the grape strike but they didn’t call the police on us. I’ll bet they would now. What do you suggest?

  2. They totally have got us where they want us. We can live without grapes but not without oil. So I say make them responsible for their carelessness. Make them pay.

    We should have listened to Carter instead of laughing at him.

  3. Carter, you mean about conservation and dependence on foreign oil? He was right about that and more.

    I am convinced BP can be gotten, although not the whole industry. And I just Googled “boycott” BP and there’s a Facebook page on it, Chicago Sun-Times support for it, Public Citizen has a petition on it, Common Dreams is for it, and the list goes on. I think it’s a good thing to jump on and a boycott is a good way to make them pay.

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