Among Stelae

The Professor Zero character is intended to resemble some rather severe individuals like Xolotl, Uaxaclajuun Ub’aah K’awiil (18 Rabbit), Augusto C. Sandino and Benito Juárez. But Professor Zero has come to resemble some aspects of the present narrator I would rather not have taken on even in real life.

Lately I have been looking forward to December 23, 2012, when I am to sit on a different mat. I have even toyed with changing all my signs now, but that would mean changing too many parts of this codex – which has, por más señas, advertisers invested in my name.

So I have thrown magic dust on everything. My codename is now no longer profacero, but Iansan, and it may change again. And these are some fiestas patronales with Lila Downs singing in Mixtec. Once again, “to be Native is to have a universe and not renounce it.”


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