I Want to Speak

Perhaps my versions of a memo yesterday were unsatisfactory because they were too restrained, and thus sounded too formal (and as I said, either too worried, or too challenging, or both). I wrote a more informal, less careful version that Sue liked better and Human liked less. I am erasing all rejected versions so I … More I Want to Speak


This is how the oil looks, tumbling out of its undersea source. Notice how quickly it moves. There is apparently a lot of natural gas being released as well. Video reposted from Agent Smith. Axé.

Lisbon Fado

This is subtitled, so you can listen and read. I have felt saudades all week for different things. I am observing vegetables from the garden on an earthenware plate. They look like a Rembrandt. Axé.

Treze de Maio

On May 13, 1888, slavery was abolished in Brazil. One can compare dates for this throughout the Americas, and it is instructive. In news of my own, less important emancipation of which this blog is an instrument, I might be adjusting at last to Maringouin. This is very interesting since I have been here a … More Treze de Maio