Qué lejos estoy del suelo donde he nacido…

For today’s Mexico-Argentina match I had thought of posting links to live web cams of the Zócalo and some streets like Reforma and Insurgentes, so we can watch the surging fans. The only web cam I am getting to work, though, is this traffic one, and in my search I clicked on some links that gave me viruses.

This web cam has an unexpected virtue, though: it reassures me to see the traffic and the skyscrapers, with movement in real time, since this proves Mexico City is still real although it is absent, or I am absent. Clearly, immense nostalgia invades my thought-stream.

I am quoting, of course, from the Mixtec Song; here is an excellent video on Mixtec farm workers in California.


4 thoughts on “Qué lejos estoy del suelo donde he nacido…

  1. It’s culture shock, all right. The worst culture shock I ever experienced was when I moved from California to Madison, Wisconsin. The second worst was moving back to the U.S. from Switzerland.

    Of course it’s a very lousy time for America right now, and that does not help.

  2. So I’ve changed the post, but yes, it is culture shock.

    I’m sort of glad I have it, though – having felt so at home and so myself in that place is a good piece of information to have.

    So now I officially get to give up on trying to adjust, and get to consider like these Mixtec workers that I am here strictly because of the economic situation! 😉

  3. Fascinating video. It’s from the early 90’s, though. Wonder what’s going on now.

    In the 80’s I had classes of mostly Mixtec migrant workers when I taught in Forest Grove, Oregon, but of course I knew nothing about them. I certainly saw how they were treated, though! And the invisibility! A lot of what went on was illegal. When I started looking around and making comments, I was dismissed from that job and transferred to another campus, both for my safety and in order to be able to continue the program there, which was a cash cow for the community college.

    In the film, I particularly noted the attitudes of the growers, which is what I’m focusing on. If they could find machines to do all the work, that would be better. I have noted that attitude among a certain class of men. People are necessary but get in the way of profits, you see. They are so hard to control and dominate 100%, which would be the ideal situation.

    Lots to think about here. No conclusions.

  4. Age of video, that explains then why the educators seem so comparatively relaxed and less worried than now about resources, anti immigrant backlash, and so on. Who would have thought I’d ever look back on the early 90s as a gentler time!

    Certain class of men, yes.

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