Associations I have with summer include: + Smell of sun on heather and herbes de Provence + A place of origin near Roman stones + Smell of chlorinated water and sun on concrete + Pennants fluttering from straw roofs + Alpine lakes + Redwood needles + Oceans of jaunty waves + Spires of northern cities … More Verano

Carlos Monsiváis

I posted condolences to the condolence page of Carlos Monsiváis, the “eccentric and ubiquitous” intellectual and journalist, but they were generic. I did not say that I met him without knowing who he was when I was asked to give him a ride in Riverside, California, and that we got to our destination early and … More Carlos Monsiváis


The strongest strikes Calderón and Clinton could make against the narcos would be to take the Army off the streets in Mexico and legalize drugs. Seriously. And Carlos Monsiváis died today, following José Saramago yesterday in Lisbon. I was in a museum earlier today watching Monsiváis speak on film and said, “After a certain point … More Tlatelolco


XIUHTECUHTLI It is the weekend, and the title of this post is the name of a new and famous monolith. I sing that I have changed the name of this blog to Xiuhtecuhtli, and mine to 1 Tochtli. It is difficult to become accustomed to and I reserve the right to change back. The narrator, … More Tlaltecuhtli

From the Jar

When you put the pasta in to boil, put fresh vegetables in with it. Sliced squash is good. While this boils, put fresh spinach into the colander in which you will drain the pasta and squash. Chop fresh herbs and put them into a bowl. Add a small amount of marinara sauce and some grated … More From the Jar

Aimez-vous Rayuela?

This morning I was melting down about academia, and theorized about it, and erased the theorizing because first, I felt I had assimilated it well enough not to need a record of it and second, because really my issue was the idea one should like things one does not, and the case in point for … More Aimez-vous Rayuela?