Marco Longhini

Longhini is a good conductor and here we see the Moscow Conservatory. One of the search terms that most often leads people here is the title of the Monteverdi madrigal Ecco mormorar l’onde. In searching for more Monteverdi recordings I came across an ancient advertisement saying, “Nadia Boulanger uses Baldwin pianos exclusively.” It included a cartoon of her smiling in an improbably unreserved way as she played a Baldwin.


2 thoughts on “Marco Longhini

  1. So serious. The first time I found myself in front of a class of unsmiling Russians, I felt like running away.

    Some lovely moments. I loved the dissonances. Unfortunately, because of hearing loss, music sometimes sounds like noise to me, or out of tune, because I don’t always hear the overtones.

  2. Deadly serious, c’est vrai. I don’t like the tempo – he seems to slow it down and speed it up inexplicably.

    I used to have the Boulanger recording of Monteverdi and I still expect everyone to be lilting like like that; am shocked at all the bad renditions, and so on.

    Zefiro torna with Boulanger, and Hugues Cuenod et al (1937) and pictures of nature:

    A more recent and probably more historically accurate version of that song, with Botticelli pictures:

    Chiome d’oro, with a picture of that famous French impressionist-type lunch. Renoir.

    I want to hear it with film of the people playing.

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