Untenable II

I really do try but these basic foreign language courses are depressing and the students are scary. The worst academic advice that can be given is the repetition that one will not “get” to teach such courses any more when one becomes a professor.

That was one of the main scoldings I used to get, meant to discourage me from continuing in graduate school. Its contents only show that the professors did not know to whom they were speaking, or of what market they were speaking, either.


6 thoughts on “Untenable II

  1. I would be totally confused in your situation. Like Clarissa I entered grad school with such high ideals. And I did not lose them overnight, either, but clung to them for years. I learned a lot, all right,but only a small part of it was academics. I feel lucky to have escaped with an M.A. and my sanity. Thus I was credentialed for the crap jobs in ESL and teaching in prisons that I got.

    It enrages me to think of someone like you having to confront classrooms full of Yahoos that would be kicked out of school in any reasonable system of higher education. Don’t want to learn? Get out!

    At least in a prison setting I did not have to put up with scary students.
    The guards would take them away. But maybe it’s their ideas that scare you?

  2. It is the ideas and attitude, yes, and the fact that we are supposed to serve them … I was raised to treat students as equals and co workers, but they either want an authoritarian boss or a servant, and they are against education, really.

  3. I have one colleague who is doing this right and he is putting in twice the time I am, I do not know where he finds said time (well, I have an idea, and I do not have his situation or priorities).

    I have another who is ONLY teaching this course. Six sections of it but no other courses or responsibilities, and he has “smart” classrooms for it.

  4. Well I have more fun than either of these colleagues, and if I am not mistaken I make a little more than either of them do.

    And, I had plenty of chances to work or continue working at better places, and I kind of screwed these up. So, one does what one can.

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