Tell My Horse

It is about Haiti, Jamaica and New Orleans and I have to read it for research reasons. I am against Zora Neale Hurston because she and hers boiled a black cat in New Orleans, and I am against New Orleans vodun. Nonetheless I now have to read this book for research reasons. Axé.

Bebo Valdés

Cubans are the best pianists. What I most like in Havana is how, as you walk through quiet residential neighborhoods, you hear people practicing the piano and they are good, in bungalows behind low fences and banana trees. Listening to this, though, I heard a cake walk and realized I had not thought of it … More Bebo Valdés

Veterans for Peace

When you donate online to Veterans for Peace you can check a box if the gift is in memory of someone, and leave a note. I checked the box, filled in the space with the name, and wrote: _______, 1920-2013, 1st Lieutenant U.S.A., 101st Airborne 1942-1946, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, in lieu of flowers asked … More Veterans for Peace

As a child, I knew I should go on stage; now, I know I could hold a courtroom.

I just gave a seminar for 200 people and I am a brilliant presenter. I should be one of those people who teach large lecture courses. I bring others in for spots con mucho swing. I have marvelous pictures behind me and can zoom in when required but mostly people are looking at me because … More As a child, I knew I should go on stage; now, I know I could hold a courtroom.

Berkeley, 1906

Now we are on a trip to Berkeley in 1906. (My grandmother graduated from what was then the University of California in 1912.) “The camera looks north near Berkeley Way along Oxford … the streetcar can turn right up Hearst Avenue. Note the small orchard seen as the streetcar turns into Euclid Avenue … the … More Berkeley, 1906


A los obreros de México I He aquí mi poema brutal y multánime a la nueva ciudad. Oh ciudad toda tensa de cables y de esfuerzos, sonora toda de motores y de alas. Explosión simultánea de las nuevas teorías, un poco más allá en el plano espacial de Wirman y de Turner y un poco … More VRBE


This is Basilio Martín Patino’s film Caudillo, and we do not understand why FalangeTV are the ones who have put it up. You can also see his Queridímos verdugos, where he interviews executioners and prisoners from the Franco era, and two hours’ worth of Civil War footage chosen and arranged by him. Pío Baroja witnessed … More Caudillo