People were so stressed yesterday. My dentist was blocked into his house by a flood and did not meet his appointments.

I conversed with one who is concerned he will not be allowed to teach his course with the same textbook a second time, one who does not realize she is going to pass her defense, and one who is getting divorced. The one getting divorced was the least stressed, and the one concerned he will only be allowed to use a particular text once was the most.

Then I assuaged the anxieties of two who are very concerned about my father and about me because of my mother. In all catastrophes the largest task is comforting the sympathetic.

I am considered coldhearted but it is really just the ability to be objective, or to be emphatic yet not histrionic.


3 thoughts on “Zen

  1. Maybe the reason people have trouble with sympathy is that they feel they can’t give it unless they are awash in emotion.

    1. But they also crave certain standard emotions, and reactions that would correspond to the realities they wish existed.

      And it is very hard for them to accept things like, that my mother was cremated and I am not up in arms about it.

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