La beauté

I knew that grandmother when she was in her eighties and nineties, mostly. She was a down to earth, practical person and very old, arthritic, wrinkled but she would look at herself sometimes and say all she really needed was a facelift. Later I saw a picture of her taken in her earlier seventies, before … More La beauté

For comment

Staff members told attendees to keep the visits discreet, she says, for fear that their interest in nonacademic careers could hurt their relationship with their faculty advisers. That is from this article, which I feel needs deconstruction. It is very fraught. Should degree programs be changed since not all students become professors? Is it really … More For comment

Baltic States

It appears that Lithuanian is the closest Indo-European language to Sanskrit. There is this Lithuanian film Vortex, very beautiful, that I would rather see in the theatre than at home because of the sadness. Axé. 


I dreamed I had inherited a small apartment in Paris, and had been transported to it. I went outside to find out what neighborhood I was in and it was Montmartre. I said, “Well. I did not expect to inherit an apartment in Paris, and had I chosen my own apartment in Paris, I would … More Montmartre

14 minutes

It is difficult concentrate the first time through this manuscript because each poem induces such laughter. If one expects only a few truly bad lines, as is the case with most bad poetry, one may wish to skip ahead in the hope of laughing soon again. But in this collection each line is so bad … More 14 minutes