Memorias del subdesarrollo

These notes are on that film, I do believe. Why did I keep them for years? Let us see.

Revolution replaces underdevelopment, so the character remembers.

The focus is personal and moves toward the historica.

The film is about how people carry the mentality of underdevelopment within them.

Project: how to be a writer with the revolution, and how to deal with the ideological rupture with the past.

Some referents: Battle of Chile. Mexico 2000. El otro Francisco. Dziga Vertov. Ambrosio Fornet. Santiago Alvarez. And Cuban modernism, art of the 20s and 30s, is all related to this film.

Films to get: García Espinosa,m Las aventuras de Juan Quin, Manuel Octavio Gómez, La primera carga al machete, Lucía, Humberto Solás.

Compare it to Viridiana. Consider the voiceover. The intertitles. The film as archivo personal AND histórico.

There was a note to myself in these notes, saying “You are trying too hard = don’t show me up.”


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