Two Lines. Print journal, online features, and also books. Center for the Art of Translation. Study this journal; here are submission instructions.

Tripwire. Experimental. They take translations but not poems originally written in English. Verify?

Split Lip. You can submit one poem only. This is fun, if you only have one good one.

Siete vientos, especially for Moro?

Phoneme Media. Books, contemporary poetry (note: they have one on the Angola 3). Founded by David Shook (see just below).

Noemi Press.

Modern Poetry in Translation. Their traditional focus is on Eastern Europe, although they publish other things; they are the ones who put out the Baltic issue. Working with them is DAVID SHOOK who “is a poet and translator in LA, where he has founded Phoneme Media, a publishing house for literature in translation. His translations of Jorge Eduardo Eielson’s Room in Rome and Pablo D’Ors Biography of Silence will be published in 2018.” I should read this journal, but can you submit to it?

Metamorphoses. Print journal. I had thought, at one point, that they were a good goal.

Journals seeking work in translation. PEN.

Here is a long list of little magazines, although not all want poetry in translation.

Graywolf? Perhaps yes.

Gato Negro? Perhaps yes as well.

Black Widow. This could be good for Moro.

In the meantime: I think Tripwire for the group of three poems, and Split Lip for the one prose poem.


And here, finally, is Latour’s Compositionist Manifesto, that I would really like to read.


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