Things I’ll do

Nathaniel – MLA – ILLI – New Year’s cards Vallejo poem for Pedro Revise that paragraph, putting Felber earlier Everything involving university e-mail and back gmail ODL 200 and the other annual trainings Post office: get a huge envelope, and mail those materials to that guy I won’t necessarily work on classes, but I will … More Things I’ll do

The contact zone

Something I didn’t take on in this long article I just published was Mary L. Pratt’s concept of the “contact zone,” which I also don’t like. I think it’s too abstract, too totalizing, too asceptic, too fuzzy, and above all, it assumes the existence of no-contact zones. I know, languages in contact, cultures in contact. … More The contact zone

Neoliberal or postmodern things, and the past of the present

It was in 1964 that the Supreme Court of the United States ruled to allow prisoners to sue on prison conditions. The nation-state cannot tolerate multi-ethnic populations, and this is why there is so much effort toward homogenization. Empires, on the other hand, are easily multi-ethnic. We are currently supposed to say that online courses … More Neoliberal or postmodern things, and the past of the present


This is the most interesting comment I have found on the show. “Behzat Ç. is a not a kind of TV serials which you are familiar with. Its on its best when it makes a balance between your realities and your illusions. A routine story of life goes parallel with the story of pressure which … More Bezhat

Irish Insults

Luí fada gan faoilte air! Seacht n-aicíd déag agus fiche na hÁirce air! Calcadh fíodáin agus stopainn air! Camroillig agus goile treasna air! An ceas naon air! An Bhuí Chonaill air! Pláigh Lasaras air! Eagnach Job air! Calar na muc air! Snadhm ar bundún air! Galra trua, bios brún, péarsalaí, sioráin, maotháin agus magag air! … More Irish Insults

Revista DYN

Here is a detailed description. And they have that Amerindian number. Note: “The third number was released already in autumn 1942 with Paalen´s essay “Art and Science” about the Goethe-Newton debate on light, adapted to the dangerous imbalance of scientific and artistic notions in the modern world in view of the atomical danger. It contained … More Revista DYN