Je te vois

On the concept of “feeling heard,” that I always mock. I do not ask of entities like the university that they merely hear me, I want them to actually do things (like hire on the tenure track). Being heard is nothing, I always say I want action.HOWEVER. What I always did want was to be … More Je te vois

Rudy Acuña

[Interviewer] You wrote: “In order to offset the lack of public funding, administrators have raised tuition with students becoming the primary consumers and debt-holders. Institutions have entered into research partnerships with industry shifting the pursuit of truth to the pursuit of profits.” To accelerate this “molting,” they have “hired a larger and larger number of short-term, part-time … More Rudy Acuña

Magical Hispanism

This connects to my magical realism posts. Someone has had an insight and given it a name: magical Hispanism. Here’s a bit more on it. And more. Magical hispanism, magical realism, and decolonial practices. Are they all part of the same thing? People looking for magic, looking for enchantment? Finding it, or imagining one has … More Magical Hispanism

Things I’ll do

1/ House: floor . . . and there are other things, but the floor is first. 2/ For the Chasqui article: Scenes of Subjection? I need to formulate all of this, and I could use it as an opportunity to talk about books for our alleged edited volume. 3/ Presses for our edited volume would … More Things I’ll do