Hijo de la luna

There are other, different recordings of this song, but listen to Montserrat Caballé’s voice! And take a look at the beautiful Spanish lyrics, with an English translation much improved by Sarah Brightman, who has also performed the song. I am, of course, tipping my hat to the original Mecano version, but I am impressed by … More Hijo de la luna

O Sole Mio

The weather is so beautiful, it is almost hard to believe. I have pulled out the stumps of three trees lost to the hurricanes, which I left there in hopes that they would become interesting bushes. They tried, but failed. The largest stump has long, deep roots, and it has not yet budged. In honor … More O Sole Mio

Viet Nam

Consider this, and this. I was going to tell an amusing tale about my student Byron and his father, but in light of some recent news I am reminded of the only Viet Nam veteran I ever met who would discuss war experiences with any personal detail at all. We met him on the beach, … More Viet Nam

Esthétique du Mal

One might have thought of sight, but who could think Of what it sees, for all the ill it sees? Speech found the ear, for all the evil sound, But the dark italics it could not propound. And out of what sees and hears and out Of what one feels, who could have thought to … More Esthétique du Mal

Shadow of Death

We shall walk through the valley We shall walk through the valley of the shadow of death, We shall walk through the valley in peace. This was Leadbelly singing his take on a slave spiritual. Here, east of the Rockies, there are fewer bright days than I am used to, and people cover their windows. … More Shadow of Death

Et plaisant Veir

 I One book I like is Steen Steensen Blicher’s Brudstykker af et Landsbydegn’s Dagbog, published in 1824 but set beginning in 1708. It is a curious text which I came across by chance, many years ago. And yes, there is good information on Blicher available in English. The sentence from this book which has always … More Et plaisant Veir