Ragtime to Blues

This is the third part of Early Years of Jazz. Neither ragtime nor the blues were born in New Orleans, but they met here. One rag was called Dance of the Lunatics (An Idiotic Rave). And Branford Marsalis says the blues are about freedom. Axé.

Early Years of Jazz

“Jazz music objectifies America. It is an art form that can give us a painless way of understanding ourselves,” says Wynton Marsalis at the beginning of Early Years of Jazz – Part 1. This film is a Florentine Films production about which I am trying to discover more. Part 6, which we have already seen, … More Early Years of Jazz

Roads to Perdition

Now it is said that rap music has eroded our moral fiber, but in 1914 Adam Clayton Powell, Sr., proclaimed that “the Negro race [was] dancing itself to death” with ragtime. The white race was doing the same, and lessons had to be given on how to dance without moving the shoulders or the hips. … More Roads to Perdition

Hiking in the Faroes

From Sorvagur on the isle of Vágar, the ferry takes you to Mykines to walk and look at puffins. The Vestmanna Cliffs, also reachable by boat, are a good place to hike and see Arctic birds. Walks you can take from Tórshavn include the village of Kirkjubour. Other good walking bases are Viðareiði, reachable by ferry, and Oyndarsfjørður, Funningsfjørður, … More Hiking in the Faroes

Nime Boldi

It is the weekend, so we will sing. Now Erkin Abdulla is singing in Uighur. There is a solo on his website. Besides being an international-style pop singer from East Turkistan, Abdulla is an associate director of the Chinese Flamenco Association. Here, for instance, he sings in Chinese, with Flamenco rhythms and dancers, about Ali … More Nime Boldi