How They Live

I have just discovered that I do not have enough clothes. This is based on a list intended to guide people in cutting back, but it indicates I should go shopping. I didn’t know. The basic wardrobe for a woman should contain all of the following:

Two One heavy white t-shirts/knit tops, a short-sleeve white blouse, a long-sleeve white dress shirt, and a white cardigan sweater set.
A black cardigan sweater set and a black lace-weight shawl.
• A complete black suit with every piece made out of the same four-season wool fabric. A complete suit for a woman in a corporate office should include an ankle length skirt, knee length skirt, tea length pencil skirt, knee length tank dress, two slacks in different waistband styles, and two suit coats in different styles. A complete suit for a woman who works in a casual environment or from home should include one skirt, one pair of slacks, and one suit coat.
• A black dress that works well with the black suit coat, but can be worn on its own to a cocktail party or an evening wedding.
• A summer suit in a light color. Women in corporate and casual offices, as well as women who don’t work outside the home, should have a summer suit with a skirt, slacks, and suit coat.
Two One solid color shells to wear in combination with both the black suit and the summer suit. Slate blue usually fills one of these niches.
• One pair of dress khakis and one pair of khaki shorts, a tea length khaki skirt, or a pair of khaki capris.
• A neutral, solid color sports coat that wears well with jeans, khakis, and your black suit slacks.

• Two/four pair of jeans as described in my fewer clothes post.
• One formal ankle-length gown in black.
• One colorful dress that is appropriate to wear to a cousin’s day wedding your mother will be attending.
• A heavy sweater in a solid color.
• A pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt you wouldn’t mind if paint were spilled on it.
• A nightgown or pajama set.
• A swimsuit.
• Fourteen pair of underwear, seven bras, one strapless bra, one camisole that matches your skin color, one short slip, and one tea length slip.

I do not really need all of the things on this list, but I could use (and cannot find) some shoes.


4 thoughts on “How They Live

  1. I finally got some bras that fit and didn’t hurt, and now I’ve gained enough weight so they don’t fit anymore and hurt. I hate, loathe, and despise bra shopping, but I’m too self-conscious to go braless in the summer or when I teach. So I’m ready to throw out my entire wardrobe if I could magically mail-0rder the perfectly fitting bra and have it delivered to my house instead of going to Nordstroms to have the bra-fitting lady help me again because when I have to do it by myself at some cheaper store I become crabby and leave empty-handed.

  2. I took Bitch PhD’s advice and tried a Wacoal bra. She’s right. It cost $40 but it works. First time ever I had one whose straps didn’t fall down. I think you could measure yourself and mail order one and have it fit.

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