Jane Gallop

This gossip is ten years old, but I only recently learned it – through Oso Raro. “The experience that matters to me most — it’s why I’m an academic — is this enormous pleasure and intensity of working and thinking with people,” she says in an interview here. “And to me that’s pleasurable, it’s sexy, … More Jane Gallop

Two-Headed Post

FIRST HEAD And the theme of this weekend is, it seems, Against Artificial Limits. Now I am in a restaurant in a town not my own, because there is a café in this town I had been eyeing as a good writing cafe. I finally decided to try it out, and the experiment failed. Although … More Two-Headed Post

J’ai faim. J’ai soif. Le monde vieillit et je ne l’accompagne pas.

MOSTLY MUSIC Now it is the weekend, so we will sing. This is Julio Jaramillo on Interrogación and it is a beautiful performance. I would like to see the movie from which it comes. Here Jaramillo’s band wins dinner on the house in Cali, Colombia for their singing – a dinner they really need, too. … More J’ai faim. J’ai soif. Le monde vieillit et je ne l’accompagne pas.

Tao Te Ching

I Do you get a huge rush when you realize, in the text you are composing, that the next paragraph will be your last? Is this moment thrilling to you because you are now about to see the work go through its penultimate metamorphosis, break free from the stone from which it has been carved, … More Tao Te Ching

A x é

Since classes started I no longer feel pressured to enjoy myself. Oddly, this is making me more relaxed. I am spending more late afternoons at the swimming pool than I did during the summer, for instance. And I may give up on attending Rising Tide this weekend, as I cannot really afford a weekend in … More A x é

Filé Gumbo

The heat wave of the past few weeks has broken. It was only 96 degrees at noon today, and felt cooler – cool enough to stroll to the bookstore at lunch. If, as you stride across the fresh grass, you run into band practice, and after tuning up on Jambalaya they burst into You Are … More Filé Gumbo

On Quitting

Some people abstain from alcohol or drugs because the attempt to use intoxicants in moderation has not agreed with them. The glittering substances may look beautiful, but for these people they are all destructive, all the time. As an adult I have been involved in two abusive relationships. Each coerced me to stay. Each situation … More On Quitting


To strengthen my magic charm yet further I am continuing to repeat that I cured chronic depression, first contracted long ago in Reeducation, in just a few weeks by deciding to pull Reeducation out by the roots. This is to say that I stopped trying to resign myself to depression and live with it. I … More Maguey

On Concentration

I My dissertation director always imagined I was lazy because I did not place a high moral value on stress, or believe that stress made one more heroic. My Reeducators, on the other hand, were concerned about what they saw as my excess of achievement and my overdeveloped ability to reason, concentrate and persevere. They … More On Concentration