For Whites. Not Whites Only

Now the Barefoot Cajun explains the Jena 6 case, for those who still don’t get it. She offers a very clear and concise run-down of this entire situation. Vous voyez, vous-autres les blancs, il est bien possible de comprendre ça-là. WoC PhD, meanwhile, offers very useful updates and links to some key posts. Axé.

M/F Test!

I took the Bem Sex Role Inventory Test, by Weird Science, and my score was “Androgynous.” I have 90% of all possible masculine characteristics and 70% of all possible feminine ones. “You scored high on both masculinity and femininity. You have a strong personality exhibiting characteristics of both traditional sex roles,” said the test. As … More M/F Test!

On Honor Among Men

Whiteman: If X [a full professor] applies for Y [administrative job] and is not the chosen candidate, it will destroy his career. Z: Why? He is an Endowed Professor, Chair, and Director. He will not be run out of these positions. If he applies for Y and is not the chosen candidate, can he not … More On Honor Among Men

Pinch and Reversal

I have said several times in these pages that I do not find change difficult. I did, however, find the change asked of me in Reeducation difficult. This task involved changing my focus in life from joy and pleasure to suffering and pain. I did not want to take this plunge and it was very … More Pinch and Reversal

Some Very Interesting Search Terms

Normally the search terms which lead people to this weblog are quite innocuous and predictable – even the perennial “lacy underwear.” Today, however, we have some rather scary ones, including “Jena Six niggers” (several times) and “why academic freedom is a bane.” I am not pleased with the presuppositions underlying these phrases. Axé.