Action Alert – Jindal

I just received the following, which I hasten to disseminate. I’ve written Jindal. You should, too. “Yesterday Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal threatened to roll back protections for our families by refusing to renew an anti-discrimination executive order that is set to expire TODAY [Friday, 22 August]. The order prohibits state agencies and contractors from harassment … More Action Alert – Jindal

Havana, 1930s

This is really beautiful. I would love to visit 1930s Havana (in my time machine, of course). I am rereading Alejo Carpentier and yes, I am on an archival travel footage jag. I would show Samarkand in the twenties if I could find it. (The voiceover on this video may be distracting, but you can … More Havana, 1930s

Lima Antigua

This video is really good, with excellent music, and unlike some I have posted recently, it is not American made: This one, too: Axé.

Yet Another Coda

The owner of the bus company HORNA, in whose vehicle I was riding when it hit a truck and then crashed into a car, said that he had no way of controlling whether or not the drivers had accidents. He was therefore not responsible for anything that happened, so that it was not his duty … More Yet Another Coda

On Birth Control

This is very good. H/T Hattie. As a side note, it alludes to one of my main themes: the fallacious idea that it is more healthy and “natural” (or “genuine”) for women to be irrational than for us to be logical. As we know, that idea is central in Reeducation. Axé.

Meones en Lima

It is a serious problem. Listen closely to the clever commentary by the reporter! And here, we see people burning electrical cables in the street near the Gamarra market. Update: Some of the commentators on the second video say the reason people are committing this ecological crime is that they are “shitty Indians” (sic). In … More Meones en Lima