Station Break

I clearly do not know myself at all. A student whose pedagogical project I am supervising says I have a strong interest in pedagogy. I have always denied this, originally out of the fear of being designated for a pink collar job, but I see his point. This is quite interesting. Perhaps I have not … More Station Break

Full On

A. I was taught that in academia, you had to do things halfheartedly to survive. You must just walk through teaching, since you will not get credit for it; you must write a great deal, but always acceptably bland things, so as to have a form and type of production conventional enough to pass; you … More Full On


I have now finished writing a series of texts which could become a manuscript. They are not yet a manuscript, and may not be suitable as an academic manuscript, but they are what I have been writing since I got back from Peru. I started this file long ago and worked on it occasionally, but … More Pour-soi

Our Colonial Economy

I wrote this post long before the recent Wall Street news came out. That only makes it more interesting. * Look closely at this chart. My 1981 research insight was that we were, via internal colonialism, deindustrialization and planned underdevelopment, beginning the project of concentrating wealth in the hands of the transnationals and a few … More Our Colonial Economy