Cocido Madrileño

This is a MESTIZO POST, meaning it is mixed. It might be an ajiaco. It could be a curanto. And a cocido madrileño sounds good right now. I should make one, buying ingredients at La Tienda Punto Com. 1. Research Insight A commentator here suggested that the world’s fascination with Barack Obama’s racial mixture bespoke … More Cocido Madrileño

Early Dutchman

I have been told I should elevate one of my earlier comments to the Dutchman to Post Level, so I am. The context is that the Dutchman felt that since I am an American I do not speak actual English, only a variant of it, so that “my” understanding of the term “Black” was probably … More Early Dutchman

King Austin

It is the weekend, so we are singing the calypso Progress, by King Austin. Via One Day for the Watchman, a great new blog. Axé.

On Perfection

In ceramics, you have to aim for a perfect piece from the beginning, or you will not get one that is good enough. Good enough means that it holds together. If you only aim for good enough at the beginning, you will lower standards too far and the piece will fly apart before the end. … More On Perfection

Talking Race With the Emeritus Professor in the Days of Malcolm and Martin

This comes from a very interesting thread including a conversation on race and racism with Human. I realized that what I could have continued to say in the comments thread merited a post of its own. Now I am writing notes toward that post. I am too tired after four hours of faculty meetings to … More Talking Race With the Emeritus Professor in the Days of Malcolm and Martin

What Is World Literature?

Calling all English professors! Calling all professors of Comparative Literature! I have various graduate students who want to study “world literature” but only read English. They want to cover many texts from many centuries, continents and countries. What is “world literature” and how does it differ from Comparative Literature? How much should we expect someone … More What Is World Literature?