El niño Stanton

Do you like me? Yes, and you? Yes, yes. Cuando me quedo solo me quedan todavía tus diez años, los tres caballos ciegos, tus quince rostros con el rostro de la pedrada y las fiebres pequeñas heladas sobre las hojas del maíz. Stanton, hijo mío, Stanton. A las doce de la noche el cáncer salía … More El niño Stanton


It is cold. I have had three amazing adventures lately, one with vocabulary, another consisting of a recruiting visit to a local high school, arguably the most valuable thing I have done this year although nobody who “counts” will believe me, and a third resulting in revelations for academic job candidates. Vocabulary: the word is … More T-Boy

Certificate of Whiteness

The son of a doctor employed on a sugar plantation, nineteenth century Cuban writer Cirilo Villaverde had to present a “certificate of whiteness” to enroll in school. These certificates were ostensibly proofs of lineage and purity of blood. They could also be obtained, as José Piedra reminds us, through a demonstration of literacy in Latin … More Certificate of Whiteness

Awards Night

So, after going out to dinner where I discovered a number of shocking facts and more shocking hypotheses, I have made grades. Despite my earlier complaints, some awards are due. Various random individuals did well, but in terms of groups bouquets go to: 1. GREEKS, ATHLETES, and STUDENT GOVERNMENT. You did not use to study, … More Awards Night


JOB MARKET PEOPLE: You do not have to have a Ph.D. program at your new school, but you do want a strong major and a good M.A. Barring the M.A., you want a really, really strong major. Otherwise you might as well stay home and teach at a community college, or “go secondary,” because it … More RAPIDAMENTE