Gary Rhoades

In Change Magazine, there is an article on the academic industrial complex to read and discuss. The piece begins by showing how the Carnegie Foundation and the AAUP shaped academia in the 20th century. Together, these two entities created a national, mobile professoriate (see also the discussion of Carnegie units and credit hours), a professoriate … More Gary Rhoades


This is Martin Luther King Day, sunny and clear. We are lighting candles, pouring cane liquor onto the ground, throwing flowers into flowing rivers, and saying, Axé, Martin! I have JURY DUTY tomorrow and I am liable to forget. Remind me, O Blog! Sabbatical gods, please do not allow me to be assigned to a … More Martin

Lacassine Special

O ye yaie mais rappelle toi Petite fille tout les accroires Les promesses ca tu m’as fait Tu connais je merite pas ca Tu m’as dit toi tu m’aimais Chere mais aujourd’hui Aujourd’hui t’es apres me quitter Moi je connais ca me fait du mal O ye yaie mais rapelle toi Petite fille tout les … More Lacassine Special