Sur les restaurants

CHEZ MOI, OU دار Z At دار Zero last night we grilled subprime steaks with Cajun seasoning, and ate them with cous cous and spinach sautéed with garlic. This garlic was from my garlic fields and the lime juice we squeezed on everything was from key limes just picked from my tree. Both were far … More Sur les restaurants

Eh, là-bas

Now we will read the lyrics of Eh, là-bas in Louisiana Creole and in English. Hey you there! Eh toi! It’s Carnival time! Toi, you must also read in English and French the lyrics of the Mardi Gras Song of Petit Mamou, out on the prairie. You should see this video of the Faquetigue Mardi … More Eh, là-bas

Jerry Lee Lewis

On Irene, Goodnight. Don’t miss it. Take 1 (lyrical): Take 2 (rocking and rolling): Leadbelly: “I axed your mother for you (what she tellin you?) / She said you was too young (just sixteen years old!) / I wish I never seen your face / I’m sorry you ever was born.” I can walk down … More Jerry Lee Lewis

City of New Orleans

One February long ago, in another year of budget cuts, I went out to Los Angeles on business and flew back on a Saturday. Like today it was Valentine’s Day and Carnival season. My plane was filled entirely with post Louisianians (many such live in Los Angeles), going home. Some were already dressed for the … More City of New Orleans


Rolling her cart across the cobblestones she sang: Pie lady! Pie lady! Sweet and savory pies For supper or dessert! This was in New Orleans the other day, but in Madrid when I was a child there were many such street vendors’ songs. I deciphered the rag man’s song and we memorized it, but there … More Pregón

La Modification

Advertise on Professor Zero! This blog already has some discreet advertising and I want more of it, ideally for items and entities I approve of and covet myself. These include but are not necessarily limited to Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Cookware, Dansko Clogs, Old Gringo Mules, Dr. Scholl’s Original Exercise Sandals, linens made of a cotton … More La Modification

Underground Post

1. I have reduced all my insurance coverage to the minimum legal levels, and eliminated optional retirement contributions, extra payments to mortgage principal, and long distance and DSL service to my land line. I had already renounced yoga and I may renounce gym membership. I have not yet targeted studio rent, house cleaning, or grass … More Underground Post

Going Down South

It is the weekend, so we will sing. I am in New Orleans until further notice.  I have already been here for some time, missing at least two meetings, about each of which I have heard several vastly diverse accounts. I am reading books, more important than meetings, and celebrating the fact that I cannot … More Going Down South