More Jerry Lee!

See what a ham Jerry Lee Lewis was when he was young! I was not yet born when this video was made, but he reminds me of certain students from Baton Rouge and points north. And I think that radio announcer keeps saying “cotton pickin’” so as not to say “fuckin’.” Then again, my mother … More More Jerry Lee!

Faubourg Tremé 4

Here again is the great and heroic Faubourg Tremé — the kind of place Jindal and Nagin, as well as the technically whiter suspects, have been doing their best to kill, and using hurricane recovery as an excuse. Meanwhile, here is the trailer for this same documentary. The trailer is much livelier than the exerpts … More Faubourg Tremé 4

Hico, caballito

It was another stunningly beautiful day, transfiguring the garden. I am also transfigured, although not by the weather. And Carldyke is the latest person to join the 25 writers meme. His list is fascinating. One of the authors he lists is his father. I did not list the Emeritus Professor although I perhaps should have, … More Hico, caballito

Faubourg Tremé 3

Happy St. Joseph’s Day, a very important day here and my favorite. In honor of St. Joseph, the worker, we will continue to study New Orleans, which is also a most Italian city. Besides the St. Joseph’s altars, there are Mardi Gras Indians on parade at the Feast of St. Joseph. We are on the … More Faubourg Tremé 3

William Butler Yeats

I am slow, so I am late to St. Patrick’s Day. Consider this, on Leonardo da Vinci and slowness. Faster than me and sometimes premature, the Emeritus Professor sent me the poem that follows after one of my exams, I do not remember now whether it was the M.A. or the Ph.D. Only now has … More William Butler Yeats

Faubourg Tremé 2

For St. Patrick’s Day we will continue to study new Orleans, which is also an Irish city. It was beautiful and sunny, and with daylight savings time starting so early now, the light lasted a long time. I found a cypress end table for the deck, paid off the carpenter who fixed the door, and … More Faubourg Tremé 2