John Muir

I Yesterday was John Muir’s birthday. It was very beautiful and in fact peaceful, but I had written this post days earlier. It said that in order to achieve the peaceful state corresponding to John Muir I would have to articulate a list of the usual trades and traits of people I find exhausting — … More John Muir

Fear Factor

1. This was originally a beautiful post, but it was eaten by Mozilla Firefox. I shall not attempt to reconstruct it. It was about how Reeducation was  designed to engulf people in the “true feelings” of  shame, fear, and self hatred. It connected this to the book I was trying to write in that period, and … More Fear Factor

Variations on a Theme, or, Repetition with a Difference

I Most academic blogs appear to be by assistant professors, and many discuss in some detail the abusive behavior of senior faculty. I wish to emphasize that the behavior of many assistant professors is outrageous beyond belief. I made gaffes and I am sure you did, but mine, at least, are nothing like the outright … More Variations on a Theme, or, Repetition with a Difference

Andes 1940

See as well the other old travel videos that come up in the right hand corner of the YouTube page when you watch this. There are amazing shots of Norwegian fjords in the 50s, the 1949 protest in Iceland against joining NATO, and much, much more. Axé.

Post Out of Place

This post is not going up in order, because as soon as I write it I am going to press “publish.” So chronologically it follows three posts that are still coming up and which were in fact written before it. However I am putting it up now to announce now an important and irrevocable policy … More Post Out of Place

Reading for Pleasure Wednesday: Tennessee Williams

A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is brilliant, and better than the play or the movie. Williams’ introduction (included in the Signet edition, the one I read, and surely in at least some others) really is essential reading for any writer. * R means rage, resentment, regret, resistance, and of course Reeducation. Today my … More Reading for Pleasure Wednesday: Tennessee Williams