Monday Mantras…

…for the beginning of the semester. 1. Take complete control. 2. Do nothing optional that is not one hundred percent fun. 3. There is no opting out of exercise, sleep, or research/writing. 4. Eat really pure food even if it is too expensive. 5. Go out of town even when it is not really affordable. … More Monday Mantras…

A. C. Sandino

Thinking of what we could sing this weekend, I reviewed many beautiful Mexican videos I could use to celebrate my escape from Spain. I concluded that the best thing I could sing was from A. C. Sandino: I am in receipt of your message from yesterday and I understand it. I will not surrender and … More A. C. Sandino

Radio Almenara

It is the weekend, and we are singing by listening to Radio Almenara 106.7 FM in northern Madrid, which streams on the Internet and sends television as well. Axé.

Pastor Manning

Watch this in its entirety. Many of my students’ only influences resemble the discourse of Pastor Manning. That is why it is so hard to get them to be rational. It is why you have to prove basic facts to them. * I am back in Maringouin where the house and garden are very beautiful. … More Pastor Manning

Reading for Pleasure Wednesday: “No Ideas but in Crowds”

I never know when modernity starts: 1492? 1637? 1789? This article says it is with Baudelaire, and we are quoting from it. Consider Flaubert’s smooth and instantaneous leap from “moral history” into “feelings.” This elision offers an unintended but eloquent verdict on what is great and strange about Baudelaire’s poetry: its unmatched capacity to transmute … More Reading for Pleasure Wednesday: “No Ideas but in Crowds”

Dat Blackguard

My friend and I discussed our problems with the Blackguard. I fear the Blackguard, if unchecked, can become our infernal wind. I do not want to feed that. Rather than discuss him further I am posting brief notes on the ideas we developed here. Problems we can solve as individuals: dealing with someone who wants … More Dat Blackguard