Día de la Dignidad y Resistencia de los Pueblos Indígenas

This is October 12 and I have forgotten to mention it in two classes so far. Today in Guatemalan protests against the putative heroism of Columbus and the Hispanization of America (which is colonization, Europeanization, whitening) one Native person has been killed so far that I know of. Imer Boror, aged 19, was killed by … More Día de la Dignidad y Resistencia de los Pueblos Indígenas

Research Hours

Tnis is one of those old-old posts. ON CERTAIN FALSITIES Perhaps it is for no reason related to me that people have always gone on at me how to be and work. So this is another piece of my counterargument against those who threw so much unnecessary time management advice at me — at me, … More Research Hours


I have discovered that tourist visas to Brazil now cost over $200, and I have not been able to find a cat sitter yet. The house is not in good enough shape to rent because I cannot afford to get it into such shape, so I need a sitter I can trust. I had not … More Unrealistic

Sam Cooke

Sunday in the offices, but do not think we are not singing. In fact, we will be twisting the night away. Axé.