Home Improvement

It is the weekend, and I should be singing;  but I am out of songs at the moment except for C.V.’s poem to be read and sung. I sing that the idea that you should somehow rise above an abusive workplace and produce is a malevolent and false truism. Of improvements made recently at work … More Home Improvement

Ses purs ongles

Ses purs ongles très-haut dédiant leur onyx, L’Angoisse, ce minuit, soutient, lampadophore, Maint rêve vespéral brûlé par le Phénix Que ne recueille pas de cinéraire amphore Sur les crédences, au salon vide: nul ptyx, Aboli bibelot d’inanité sonore, (Car le Maître est allé puiser des pleurs au Styx Avec ce seul objet dont le Néant … More Ses purs ongles

On Protocol

If during graduate school you lost a TAship at your institution; if you have now tried everyone’s patience here; if you are now being allowed to take certain classes so you can earn a professional qualification in another field; please do not address the professor who is kindly but painedly showing you how to register … More On Protocol

Jean-Pierre Rampal

I have not been posting very much because I no longer have reliable Internet to the house, and will not until April. I am not reading the news very much because the 60% budget cut higher education in this state is to absorb by 2012, is antithetical to my good mood. Work is going well, … More Jean-Pierre Rampal