In Freedom Now

The authors of this text in its original form spoke in enlightened words. The original is lost, but the scribes wrote it down in its first tongue. Already in Christendom, they used Latin letters. This is Christmas Eve, the true birthday of she who now performs the ancient text. I woke up happy and rested, … More In Freedom Now

Some Sophistry, Mildly Parodic Version

1. Three white Europeans allege that no American of any color should study race in Brazil due to our propensity to impose African-American agendas on weaker Afro-Brazilians. They do believe they have the authority to speak for Afro-Brazilians, and they are sure that Afro-Brazilians who collaborate with African-Americans have not chosen this activity freely. 2. … More Some Sophistry, Mildly Parodic Version

I Need A Hacker

Please contact me if you know how to hack into Facebook, because I want you to hack into my account. I am blocked from it because my IP is now in Brazil. Since I did not list my true date of birth in Facebook and cannot remember what date of birth I alleged to have … More I Need A Hacker

Juan Gris

I would reproduce this painting by Juan Gris if I could, since it gives quite a good idea of the view from my current atelier on the Bay of All Saints. I like this atelier very much and I am tempted to think I should acquire a similar one here, if I could. I taught … More Juan Gris

About Facebook

I originally got onto Facebook so I could communicate with the students. Facebook is usually up and the university computers are usually down, so Facebook is where we live. I have Facebook groups for some courses, and Blogspot or WordPress blogs for others. As I say, I would be glad to use Blackboard, WebCT, Moodle, … More About Facebook