Music for a weekend of grading, while the universities mutate and distribute themselves over crimes. I was just, finally, recovering from having my education stolen, so this is all quite ironic. I saw it all coming long ago, however, which does show that I am a good trend spotter. This is not  enough satisfaction. I … More Fragile


Lately I have been exhilarated but today I am tired, and I miss my home in the city where the air is clear and dry and things are brown and dark green and red, or on the coast where things are white and teal and blue. Axé.

Chilanga Banda

Here’s a dark video I don’t dare show in class, by the great Mexican band Café Tacuba. It is written entirely in Mexico City slang, but there is a translation right here. Here is a very different song by the same band I don’t dare show in class, again because it is too dark. I … More Chilanga Banda

Nicanor Parra

No es Chile el que limita con la Cordillera de los Andes, con el Desierto del Salitre, con el Océano Pacífico, con la unión de los dos océanos: la cosa es al revés. Es la Cordillera de los Andes la que limita con Chile, el Océano Pacífico es el que llega hasta la cumbre del … More Nicanor Parra

Zou Jingzhi

The gate of hell, so gloomy so cold so deep and so far away, opening and closing at the bottom of the dry well Girls dare not bend to look in afraid of a hand pushing from behind Concubine Zhen died thin. Her husband was an emperor, her mother-in-law the emperor dowager Widowed for many … More Zou Jingzhi