José Miguel Wisnik

Years ago I took a class from this interesting professor, on Mário de Andrade and music. Before Reeducation I did a lot of things like that. Reeducation was not able to believe we could have had any kind of rich experience in our past, and yet we did. Axé.

Old School

It is out of fashion to lecture and not to have audiovisual equipment, but I have no media enabled classrooms this semester. I am teaching four different classes, two of which I have never taught before, and I have many other responsibilities. So I take questions, I ask questions designed to foment discussion, I assign … More Old School


This is another song from the Russian lullaby animation project. The child dreams his whole life, and when he is on the point of death, he awakes. I am taking German. In the Roman alphabet, with the English translation, I can understand this whole Yiddish song. Axé.

Caballito negro

Ay, ay, caballito negro, ¿dónde llevas tu jinete muerto? Ay, ay, caballito frío, ¡qué perfume de flor de cuchillo! Ay, little black horse, where are you taking your dead rider? Ay, cold little horse, ay the smell of knife-blossom! Axé.


I am not willing to consider the cat dead, but I am interested in this poet. On the Death of a Cat In life, death was nothing to you: I am willing to wager my soul that it simply never occurred to your nightmareless mind, while sleep was everything (see it raised to an infinite … More Poem


Z may be pale, but she is nonetheless Mexican. She has been working in departments of Spanish and Portuguese since 1978, and studying in them since 1974. Z:  This student not only wants to be exempt from coursework, she is also disruptive and invasive. She interrupts everyone, not just me. In class she will not … More Vignette