San Juan

This is St. John’s Day and I’d like to have been in Recife seeing the quadrilles and dancing forró, or at a bonfire far enough north to see the northern lights. Next year I should actually go to a beach on St. John’s Eve and have the Danish celebration. I am glad Clarissa reminded me … More San Juan

Tu Le Ton Son Ton

Tout le temps en temps it is time to listen to Tu le ton son ton. Here it is as played in 2010 by Leon Sam. This weekend it would be possible to see André Thierry and Corey Ledet in Loreauville. Allons danser. The radio says there will be a special Creole music event in … More Tu Le Ton Son Ton

Summer Solstice

Summer solstice in New Orleans is today at 12:16 PM, so this post should come up at that exact moment. Now summer begins in earnest, and it begins yet more earnestly on July 4th. Sleeping the other night next to a canoe I dreamed, quite improbably, that I had ascended a large mountain and my … More Summer Solstice


My main accomplishment this weekend was driving a Ford F-150. They threw the keys to me and said, “Take the truck!” My honor did not permit me to say I was terrified to drive this enormous, automatic transmission vehicle, the location of whose hand brake and gear shift were not immediately evident. I succeeded at … More Exotic


This exhibit took place in New York in 2008. It was a rare event and I would have liked to go. Axé.

A Good Point

“‘Wait for better times.’ That’s what the slaves always hear. ‘This is only temporary….‘” Part of the problem does seem to be that Gloria Steinem and others got as moderate as they needed to to still be seen as “reasonable,” and ended up saying nothing. “Wait for better times” is also precisely what my most … More A Good Point

Natalie Zemon Davis

It has been a beautiful day here in Maringouin, heat index 104, not as hot as yesterday and I am starting to feel better than I did. In radio news, Historiann‘s software has a glitch which prevents me from posting, so I want to say here that I totally agree with this post. * “In … More Natalie Zemon Davis