Lord Melody

Now we continue weekend music. The more one looks at things, the more one realizes the Rolling Stones were a cover band — or, to put it differently, they were erudite. Axé.

Vendredi Soir

Claire Denis. La autopista del Sur. Emmanuèle Bernheim. We got here on a suggestion from the Spanish Professor. I have things set up now so I can see art films on two screens and this film is good for that since it is very painterly, with thick textures. In this film you have to notice … More Vendredi Soir

Review Session

That is a refined video of some refined sculptures but in case anyone does not realize it Mictlantecuhtli is against rape culture. If you think I exaggerate or that women are simply not tolerant enough of certain things, then perhaps you can empathize a bit more if we talk about men. From Shakesville: Rape culture … More Review Session


My limping laptop broke definitively and was donated to the computer recyclers yesterday. My cheap one is limping and is now my designated media computer (I have no television or stereo system, so I can justify a designated media computer). I am typing now on the netbook. I have a desktop at work. On the … More Laptops