Down on the Corner

Too tired to sleep, I am musing on the blog but what the random kids at the corner store said was: “Wow! You have cool shoes. Your whole atmosphere — you don’t seem like someone from here!” Why not I asked, and they said, “Because you have so much energy, and such a calm energy!” … More Down on the Corner

More on Why I So Dislike Teaching Foreign Languages

Well, second language acquisition isn’t my field, so doing it means preparing something out of field. Any time management expert can tell you that that is a huge distraction from the real work. Then there are the politics around it; the personalities one has to deal with are often very unpleasant. Next, I’m not the … More More on Why I So Dislike Teaching Foreign Languages

Rainbow Sign

I am overworked and I know it is a crime, but that has not been the point of the last two months of posts. My small point is, do not overdramatize because I can show you overwork and this person can show you still more. My larger and real point, and this is an individual’s … More Rainbow Sign


This is my new favorite movie. I have not had a new favorite movie, apart from some brief flirtations, since 1987 when Burden of Dreams came out. From the beginning Biutiful reminded me of what Tree of Life could have been, had that film been actually good. Here is the last scene, dubbed into Italian, … More Biutiful

A Smoke Signal

For someone I wish I knew how to get in touch with more directly, this is a picture of our good man I took today. Grab it girl, I shouldn’t keep this post up too long. Vous-autres, sorry for the mystery; I will explain or have explained, if you have been with me long enough … More A Smoke Signal

Mais yeah, cher

Ça va, man? I asked, running into one of our newer hires; evidently ça n’allait pas, because of social life. I may place a manifesto on my door: dear assistant professor, dear instructor, the reason the other instructors and assistant professors are not hanging out with you is not that they are mean, but that you … More Mais yeah, cher