Viaje a Aztlán

This is from the Codex Boturini and I found it on Wikipedia. Moctezuma I tried to find out where Aztlán was and so did the 16th century Fray Diego Durán. People have been working on this ever since; Aztlán could have been near Florida, or at a Mississippian site in Wisconsin, or somewhere north of … More Viaje a Aztlán

«We went go eat»

This is my least favorite sentence in the Louisiana vernacular. It means we went to dinner and when college graduates say it, it means they went to a fine restaurant. It sounds like baby talk. «We went go eat» indeed. Axé.

Hazel-Eyed Girl

Clarissa: “More maturity to have a child than to have an abortion” is my favorite statement of the week. The stupidity of these people is daunting. I actually meant less maturity — you need less maturity to have a child than to have an abortion, which is why if you are underage a judge needs … More Hazel-Eyed Girl