A department chair

Z: I am very busy and do not want to change textbooks for our multi-section course. Whiteman: It is selfish of you to give research and more advanced courses a greater priority than this course sequence, and to value current pedagogical practice over the comfort of the older M.A. instructors. Z: Actually, it is selfish … More A department chair

The Phone Book

The 4-1 decision will allow phone companies, market by market, to stop delivering phone books door-to-door provided they ask customers if they want to continue to receive the book. Customers who say “yes” would continue to receive the directory for three more years, according to the PSC decision. Additionally, the phone companies would have to … More The Phone Book

La liberté

Incidentally, it is blissful not to be Reeducated, although I am still shaking some dust off myself. It is different because one can just move ahead and do things, without having to limit action and vision somehow. Reeducation believed in a number of false dichotomies. You could either accomplish things or be «happy», either think … More La liberté


The bibliographic instruction and the students laugh at me because I take them for bibliographic instruction every semester. He is sure he has nothing more to teach them, and they, that they do not need this show one more time. The search interfaces and databases are increasingly complex, however, and I learn something new every … More Modern

La musique du jour

From Texas: And from Sinaloa and California: I am going to Mexico and I am not driving but being on the cusp I feel as though I were, so I am singing norteñas. When I get to where I am going it will be completely different. Axé.


Top places I have not been and want to go include: The Amazon Beirut Benin Berlin Damascus Darien Gap Egypt The Faroe Islands Ghana Guyana Jamaica Iceland India Istanbul Iran Mali Poland Tallinn Uzbekistan Xinjiang Autonomous Region Zanzibar Where do you want to go? Axé.

Jorge Brauet

So today I spent 12 hours at this screen, working on arranging my trip to Mexico and that of the undocumented one, and on syllabi and course websites. The planning of the voyage of the undocumented one took the most ingenuity. I am not sure how much time went into each thing but I got … More Jorge Brauet