More Marley

When you start looking in a cursory manner for Marley, it is (perhaps not) amazing how many long tracks you can find. Apparently he was different from other musicians because he was from the country. He therefore knew about time and nature, it is said. Axé.

Harry Belafonte

Voici de la musique, pour le weekend. We have Harry Belafonte’s accent in Louisiana, among others. All of them never cease to amaze me. “What you doing hyah gyal? Yo good man he didna change dat erl fo yeh?” Mais non, cher. Yé pas bonhomme à moin. Ya vamos para el quinto acento. Notice how … More Harry Belafonte

On the drug war

What I am about to quote is just from Wikipedia and I realize it has been flagged as biased, but the studies it quotes are studies. The drug war is surely an excuse to fund the defense industry and justify militarization, and I am convinced that in practice it is also a war over the … More On the drug war