Sealing the deck

Lightly sand rough spots with a pole sander and 80-grit paper. Be sure to wear a mask so you won’t inhale the sawdust.

It seems you can also buy a small sander, to make it all go faster. And, it seems you need to power wash the deck. So: repair, clean, sand, power wash, seal. That is a lot.

For this time, I prefer repair, clean, sand with the pole sander (not the machine), wash with the hose, and seal. Does anyone know about these things?


3 thoughts on “Sealing the deck

  1. Wooden decks here have to be done over frequently, because of the sun and salt spray. It’s a huge job, as you obviously know. We knew nothing of this when we moved here, so we are grateful to the carpenter who built with Trex, which has been totally problem free and has weathered to a nice grey color. He also put in tempered glass panels instead of railing, and that has been great, as it does not impede the view. It cost a lot initially, but it has been worth it.

  2. I know nothing about these things. I am actually struggling because I also need to do urgent home repair, plumbing and electricity, and I want to do it well without getting screwed and let things going forever. Last time I did renovations it took 5 times more than what they initially said. It was a nightmare.

  3. People in my neighborhood in Hawaii right on the Hilo Bay have had to move out, because they could not maintain their homes. When you buy a house, a lot of the stuff that needs to be done is not apparent at first, especially if a house has been fixed up and “staged” to sell. Luckily our house looked like what it was: a well built house that needed a lot done to it: hooking up to the sewer, putting the utilities underground, re-wiring the electricity,adding solar hot water and electricity, etc. etc. This has been doable, because we have done it over a period of many years. We have more or less left the yard as it is. It’s problematic, but we love our patch of jungle and odd weeds.

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