Do you have Lore, and if so, what do you think? Originally I had regular websites for classes, that I designed. Then the University websites went down during Katrina so I had Facebook groups for classes, soon replaced by WordPress blogs. Around the same time the University got Moodle. At this point Lore seems more … More Lore

Henry Fiol

…ay, bendito. This is a deep, well syncopated son montuno by a really good salsero I know about thanks to Yolanda Estrada and that radio station, WWOZ 90.7 FM, New Orleans. Axé.

La nostalgia autoritaria

La aplicación del principio mayoritario a secas y a rajatabla termina inevitablemente en una dictadura de la mayoría. Pero la democracia no es el gobierno de las mayorías, sino del pueblo. Y para su buen funcionamiento requiere que predominen los principios de inclusión y pluralidad por encima de una supuesta gobernabilidad o unidad excluyente e … More La nostalgia autoritaria

More on linens

Here are some linens that are actually linen.  I am not buying them now but I will tell you, they are worth it because they last forever, seem new forever. Axé.

In Trade

Two important, interrelated things were said today, of which the second was: “She likes you very much because you see why she would say the things she does, that is, what she really means by these statements.” The other was the more important, and I forget the formulation now, although I remember who said it … More In Trade

A pact

On this committee someone is being very pleasant and cheerful, more than is required. It improves the atmosphere and I told hir so. Ze said, yes, I have decided I want a pleasant year and I refuse to let anyone or anything ruin it, so I am feeling optimistic. Lemma for this year: the reason … More A pact

Plate lunch

Plate lunches are still sold here. Mine, today, was of dark chicken fricasee, rice and deep gravy, and very fresh iceberg lettuce with ranch dressing. It cost $6 and it was really good. It was designed for workers and as we know, I am a working man. Long ago there was an Asian food truck … More Plate lunch

An evolving post. Toward my post on choosing academic jobs, this is a post on the penchant for scolding in academic culture.

This post started out as a comment on this one; the original comment is now in that comments thread where it was intended to be in the first place. This post also follows this one, which follows on a CHE article to which I do not wish to relink. I will link to a useful … More An evolving post. Toward my post on choosing academic jobs, this is a post on the penchant for scolding in academic culture.