Insight Two

Large projects are slightly frightening and to do them, or start them, you have to have authority in them. It is all very well to say, break them into small parts, but if you have renounced authority in these projects then you cannot begin.  It is not a question of procrastination but of authority (and … More Insight Two

Insight One

The reason people want you to do so much service is so they can hang out with you. At one job I made friends with another new hire and it was to go to libraries, having someone to drive with and then go explore cafés. That was fine but at other jobs I have been … More Insight One

Five questions we can answer: un post pour le weekend.

I think these are interesting as information for oneself as much or more than for others. 1. How did you arrive at your dissertation topic or most recent project of considerable scope? 2. If you could go back and teach your grad school self one important thing about reading/writing/teaching/etc. that you learned after grad school, … More Five questions we can answer: un post pour le weekend.