Event, part 1

This went medium well. I am glad I was as prepared as I was, down to the last drop. What I want to say is that as I train myself to be as obsequious as is considered meet, I train myself out of the authority to finish any writing project, too. I first noticed this … More Event, part 1

Review session

My accomplishments for today include seeing that I must move myself from the space of conquered person to the space of equal. The first step up was prisoner of war, as opposed to conquered person. Then I thought, what about free soldier from the other side. Then I thought I might go the whole way, … More Review session


“Qui vous donne envie de vivre, qui donne envie de la suivre, jusqu’au bout, juqu’au bout.” I am looking for a Moustaki song from the same era which ends, but does not begin in Greek. It is a happy song, not a solemn song. If you know it, I want it. Axé.

Des femmes

ALGUIEN, 1888-1973 She paid for us to go to college, not having been able herself. She says of her parents: They were both very good people who brought out what was most futile in the other, which is quite a tragic situation. If you have a good person and a bad person, that is one … More Des femmes


“Sandinista” is the word they used to use here for people who wanted progress and disagreed with the old President. One could not afford to voice such disagreement but “Sandinistas” could be identified if one looked closely. They would flash covert signs of comprehension. As you will remember, sandinistas were clandestine. I learned from the … More “Sandinista”