Francis James Child

It just would turn out that Child was an American and was late 19th century. It also just would be the case that he collected things that had already been collected and has been said to have a third eye or sixth sense that enabled him to ensure that what he collected was truly old. … More Francis James Child


At last I have found this skjaldesang, a medieval ballad I have been looking for for years. It is apparently not medieval, though it may sound so. The melody is old, but the words are nineteenth century and the author is Grundtvig. It is a nationalistic and pedagogical text nostalgic for the time of Kings … More Skjaldesang

Brave old menus (and brave new consulting business), revised

Clearly, next year I will have to make Danish Christmas cookies at Thanksgiving and ripen them in tins. For this year I must go to the fancy store after herring, salmon, prunes, rye bread, red cabbage, songbirds and candles. 23 December is the day to do it. Very basic versions of the Scandinavian menus, modified … More Brave old menus (and brave new consulting business), revised


Not only is there now much more Spanish literature than there was at one time; what used to exist has become more interesting. Within my memory there were exam questions such as, “Discuss idealism and realism in the Spanish soul, citing examples from relevant literary texts.” In Catalan class the questions had only marginally more … More Aftershocks

El jinete polaco

“En un piso de la calle 52 Este de Nueva York, ante los ojos conmovidos de una mujer y un hombre que oyen tras las ventanas cerradas el viento del invierno y el rumor como de catarata de la ciudad a la que asoman muy pocas veces y encuentran en el baúl de Ramiro Retratista … More El jinete polaco

Dejlig er jorden

I am still looking for all the right Scandinavian, but especially Danish carols, but many good recordings are Norwegian. Here is the choir of Oslo Cathedral, with an old photograph on which you can see a tree with real candles. They have candles on the pews in church on Christmas Eve, too. I have already … More Dejlig er jorden