On my virtual university

So Clarissa taught my class this afternoon, via Skype. This was an excellent experience because I am not the expert on 18th century Spain she is, and Clarissa is a good lecturer, and the students were fascinated, and our class is better focused now. And I know how to Skype now, and I would be able to be a teaching reference, and in sum everything was beneficial.

Note, too, that I only know Clarissa from the blogs, so you cannot say blogging is a waste of time. In fact I have this strange sensation this semester that I have a virtual department in addition to my real one and the people I know in real life. In the virtual department this semester Clarissa has given a guest lecture in my course, Spanish Professor and I are sharing ideas and texts for the culture classes, and Stupid Motivational Tricks and I make remarks to each other on poetry and theory.

All of these people also have their own conversations with each other and with our colleagues in English, who include Dame Eleanor Hull, Undine and others. All of this is quite new and fascinating.


7 thoughts on “On my virtual university

    1. O good, excellent! Somewhere March 14-26 we are supposed to be doing Lorca and related things. I said poetry and Yerma but would gladly cut out Yerma in favor of anything including his essays! Or whatever you want.

      1. I could talk about his essays and poetry. I will be talking week before in Iowa about New York School Lorcas and Billy Strayhorn, but that might be too specialized.

  1. It works well. Clarissa is already comfortable with Skype which helps, and if it is someone you talk to otherwise, you will have a rapport, which helps. But it is very similar to having them come in in person.

    Are you working in 19th century US lit as I imagine for some reason? If so watch out, because I *can* use you… 😉

  2. Feel free to use me for whatever you want, although I’ve never Skyped, so I have no idea how it would feel. I can make visualization exercises with Facundo, maybe (see my answer to your comment in my blog).

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